Built in the USA using a Family Recipe that Spans 4 Decades

At Eterno Ovens we believe selecting your oven should also be simple.  No gimmicky names and multiple product lines of varying quality to navigate.  Eterno Ovens only build commercial grade ovens with high quality materials for the discerning home enthusiast and restaurant trade. An investment in an Eterno Oven will last a lifetime, not just a season or two.

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1st Decision: Type of finish. Custom colors available for stucco & tile.

  • Stucco Finish – Ideal for being on display in your kitchen or backyard.
  • Tile Finish – For a modern aesthetic on a classic form.
  • Steel Finish – Ideal for installations where the oven will be built-in and surrounded by tile or brick to conceal the ovenin your kitchen or backyard.

2nd Decision: Size of pizza oven that works for your commercial or residential project.

  • The Eterno Oven model lineup is a series (300-700) and the number of each model denotes the relative size of the oven with in the series.
  • All factory assembled models are built on a steel base with casters.
  • Dimensions vary by model and finish selection:
    • Height 66″ – 77″
    • Width 39″ – 88″
    • Depth 38″ – 91″

OVEN SPECIFICATIONSFull specifications available with the purchase of each Eterno Oven.

Series Inside diameter (inches)Pizza capacity (10 inch diameter)Shipping weight (lbs.)
300252                         2,900 
400404                         4,700 
500487                         5,200 
6006010                         6,000 
7007216                         8,500 

3rd Decision: Options. Where the art of cooking with wood intersects with the science of technology.

Gas Burner(s):

  • Whether you are making hundreds of pizzas a night and can’t afford down time or just want more time to devote to your cocktail and your guests, adding a gas burner is a great addition to your Eterno Oven.
  • Equipped with a control panel to adjust the temperature, the gas will automatically come on to ensure consistent performance.
  • If you don’t feel like cooking your pizzas with wood – no problem – the gas will deliver up to 650 degrees of cooking power to get you from start to finish.
  • If you prefer more science than the art of cooking with wood, consider a double gas burner for ultimate temperature control of your pizza oven.

Pro Tip: Add gas to your pizza oven and you’ll never have to worry about starting the fire. Just turn on the gas earlier in the day, throw in a few pieces of wood, and you will be good to go.

Infrared Floor Heaters:

  • For the exacting chef that wants complete control over their crust at all times, or for the backyard guy that wants it all, infrared floor heaters deliver consistent heat for a perfect pizza crust every time.
  • Equipped with a control panel to adjust the temperature, the infrared heaters will keep your oven floor at a consistent temperature.
  • Can be combined with wood-only or wood-gas configurations.

Pro Tip: Even if you don’t have gas, the infrared can be a lifesaver for the more impromptu get togethers, by bringing the floor up to temperature to match the interior of the oven more quickly.

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